Health and Hygiene Sensitization program for CBOs of Community toilets

Posted By: SPARC

On: Mar 19th 2015

Category: Health and Hygiene Sensitization

Tags: Community Toilets

SPARC Conducted a program on creating awareness about Health and Hygiene for the CBOs of Community toilets at Dahisar East, Mumbai on 14th Mar, 2015

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Without power: Mumbai’s pavement dwellers

Posted By: Vincent Moeller

On: Nov 28th 2014

Category: Energy

Tags: Climate Change

If you can read this, you’re not affected. For most urban dwellers electricity is available at the flick of a switch, to power our numerous appliances from our coffee machines to our computers and TVs, but not for all: many of the urban poor still have no access to electricity although the power cables are literally just two meters above their heads.

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SPARC participated in Asia’s largest NGO EXPO Exhibition

Posted By: Monali, Consultant Team-SPARC

On: Sep 3rd 2014

Category: Exhibition

Tags: NGO Expo

SPARC participated in Asia’s largest NGO EXPO Exhibition held in Mumbai on 27th and 28th Aug, 2014. Our objective is to create awareness mainly to STOP OPEN DEFICATION in Urban areas and we wanted to generate leads for prospective partners and donors who visited or participated in exhibition. There were about 62 NGOs and companies that participated in Exhibition.

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Setting Precedents in smaller towns of Maharashtra

Posted By: Maria Lobo, Consultant SPARC

On: Aug 19th 2014

Category: Sanitation

Tags: sanitation

The Alliance has been working on sanitation since its involvement with the Mahila Milan and Federation. Though most of the work in sanitation be it providing community toilets or individual toilets; has been done in Mumbai, Pune, Vizag efforts are being made to increase and improve sanitation facilities in smaller towns and cities of Maharashtra.

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