Over the last 25 years, the Alliance has developed the Federation Model, a set of core activities that build the organizational base, capacities and confidence of communities – particularly women – to negotiate for and implement development solutions. These activities are processes, not projects: they are important not only as means to goals, but as ends in and of themselves, simultaneously meeting specific needs and building a foundation for the urban poor’s sustained participation in development processes.

Core Activities
  • Setting up Area Resource Centres that serve as a meeting space and base for activities
  • Encouraging households to join Savings and Credit programs that build financial assets and local capacity
  • Completing community-led Enumerations, Surveys, and Maps to create a powerful informational base for strategizing and negotiating
  • Facilitating Peer Exchanges among groups on local, regional and national levels so that communities can learn from each other
  • Organizing Housing Exhibitions that showcase affordable solutions and act as a tool for mobilization and dialogue with officials
  • Supporting Dialogue and Negotiation with relevant authorities
  • Advocating for pro-poor Policy Changes
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